About JDatePicker and JDatePanel

JDatePicker and JDatePanel is a date picker control for Java Swing applications.

  • Familiar look and feel: It has a familiar look and feel for most users since the look and feel is based on MS counterpart.
  • MVC design: It is designed with the Model View Controller pattern and it uses the Java Calendar object as the model. In fact, it now also uses sql.Date or util.Date as models. The next release in 1.3.x range will include support for JodaTime as well.
  • Ideal for touch screens: One very useful feature of JDatePicker is that it can be embedded on a Panel and to be resized to occupy a larger area. This might not seem like a feature to everyone but if you have ever developed applications which needs to be displayed on touch screens you will appreciate this feature.
  • Optional year selector: Optional year selector buttons which is useful on touch screens where the rolling year selector is too small.
  • Available in maven: If you are using Maven2 to build your project, you can easily include it as a dependency. Alternatively you may download the JAR and include it on your classpath.
  • JGoodies friendly: The support for bound bean properties have been added, which allows one to use JGoodies Binding effectively with the control.
  • Business friendly: Business friendly licencing.

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