JDatePicker 1.3.3 Release Notes

The JDatePicker team is happy to announce JDatePicker 1.3.3, the latest release of the 1.3.x series.

JDatePicker is a Java Swing component for selecting dates on swing forms, it has a flexible architecture which allows it to be used in different scenarios.

This release fixes defects of existing functionality relating to i18n strings of the widget. We have also added 26 translations; not all of these have been tested and we will rely on the community to report any errors or problems. The language should be picked up from the application’s Locale, if this does not work correctly for your Locale please discuss it on the mailing list.

In order to fix some of the problems with the translations, the component factory was changed to be stateful. Also a delete icon was added to replace the “clear” action text which was previously used to clear the currently selected value from the component.

Together with this release we move the web site content to the new WordPress based site to allow better communication of releases and to post example code.

Please report any issues on the jdatepicker-user mailing list and also remember to check in mailing list archive for solutions to problems which might have been solved already.

This release is not yet available in maven central repository due to the change in their upload process. You can download the JDatePicker distribution from the SourceForge download page once it has been made available, in the meantime please get it from the tag in subversion.

Thanks to all who contributed to this release!


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