Latest news 18 Nov 2008

  • The project has been quiet for a while, however these seems continued interest so I am updating the project.
  • Created this new home page for the project.
  • Adapted the project to work with maven (thanks to JC Oosthuizen).

5 thoughts on “Latest news 18 Nov 2008

  1. java developer

    Hi its really a beautiful library.

    However if you can add a page of usage example, it would be highly appreciated and would save lot of time people exploring its usage.

    But Thanks a lot for your efforts, it’s exactly what I was looking for.

    1. juanheyns Post author

      Good point, there has been a number of requests in the past for more information. However a good API should be relatively easy to figure out without documentation. But I also take the point that you would like to see an example before downloading, so if it is a quick example you are looking for I can direct you to the source code:

      At the moment there is not a lot of documentation so this will have to suffice. I will a page with more detailed description later.

      Edit: The upcoming release will include some usage examples, you can find them here:


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